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Inglot’s got . . . the best foundation for dry skin!

It’s 2015 and I decided to try a bunch of new brands, especially with foundation.

As you well know or if you don’t, I am an Estee Lauder Double Wear girl. I never wear sheer foundations.

Part of the reason is hyperpigmentation around my mouth (a common problem with women, especially women of colour) my freckles (I am trying to embrace them) and a few acne scars. I know, never pop a pimple, but I just can’t resist


The Inglot AMC Cream foundation is exactly the kind of foundation I would have never worn in the past. So, I gave it ago and it’s a beautiful foundation that in my opinion is the best foundation I’ve tried to date for dry skin! Ladies, if you’re tried of lack lustre, dry skin, you need this in your life.

This Inglot AMC Cream foundation comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump. It has a runny consistency and it’s suitable to use with an airbrush machine! When applied with a dense foundation brush, you will look airbrushed and picture perfect. With the natural coverage it provides coupled with the illuminators in it, you will definitely get the dewy, J-lo glow. The cool thing about this foundation is that glow won’t go away because of the Vitamin E, peptides and special polyesters that are combined with a unique silicone and gel base that keeps the skin illuminated.

The luminosity of this foundation is unreal and it blends seamlessly.
The luminosity of this foundation is unreal and it blends seamlessly.

While the claims are that it dries matte, it doesn’t. That said it is it doesn’t transfer as easily as other foundations. Because it does contain silicone, your skin may break out but it didn’t with me.

When I applied Inglot AMC Cream foundation using a Sigma F80 brush over the Inglot Makeup Under Base, it immediately evened out my skin tone with just one layer and I got a shade darker. (Red and yellow = orange and brown and red = mud). I got the shade in MW105. The shade range is huge, so you’re sure to find your colour – from the palest of the pale to the deepest chocolate.

I got the shade MW105, a bit too red for me.
I got the shade MW105, a bit too red for me.

The finish was beautiful. The pigmentation on the foundation is as insane as I am when the full moon’s out. It didn’t cling to a few dry patches that I have. My skin is combination that tends to get oily on my T-zone. But sometimes, it goes cray cray dry on me because of the retinol and other skin care products I use.

I recommend the Inglot AMC Cream foundation to beauties with dry skin and for those with reasonably good skin that love that fresh, youthful dewy look but want to achieve the look with one swipe. Another way to use this is to mix a bit with your regular foundation like you would a liquid illuminator. The results are amazing and it will add a bit more coverage depending on the foundation you wear.

The Inglot AMC Cream foundation was a great introduction to sheer foundations. I still don’t have the confidence to wear it out yet . . . but I’ll get there.


Where to buy: Inglot FFS or counters across the country.

Get it online at www.inglotsouthafrica.com

Price: R319

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts.



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