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Hot and Single! You need these eyeshadows in your life!


Drugstore palettes, mini palettes are becoming popular in South Africa. There are 6-pan eye shadow palettes and, notably, the LA Girl Shimmer bricks, which are full-blown large palettes. However, in my experience, I find most of them lacking in solid, matte highlight shades, warm matte brown/warm transition shades and solid ride or die matte blacks. Read more

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tarte’s Tartelette (Review and Swatches)

Matte eyeshadows get a bad rap. They’re, more often than not, called chalky, patchy or too sheer with poor colour payoff.The all-matte tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette was pretty hyped up when it released more than a year ago because it was an all-matte eyeshadow palette.  Read more

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Maybelline Diamond Glow Quads (Review and Swatches)

My first encounter with the Maybelline Diamond Glow quads wasn’t a pleasant. It was an epic fail!


So when I saw these at Clicks a few weeks back, I was a bit hesitant to buy it , but I decided that every palette deserves a second chance so, why not . . .?

I use a lot of high-end make up but I’m definitely not a make up snob. My Wet n Wild 8-pan colour icon palettes rank among my favourite eyeshadows of all time, true story.

The claims of the Maybelline Diamond Glow quads:

Glow you eyes with diamonds with the creamiest powder shadow.

The most glowing diamond effect in 4 simple steps

Exclusive technology with gem-like sparkles that do not crush


I was drawn to these Maybelline quads because the shades whispered to me . . .’ I want you to take me home, and you won’t regret it’ (Get your minds out of the gutter, peeps!)

I picked up two quads Coral Drama (Below)

Coral Drama
Coral Drama





I also picked up Coffee Drama.

Coffee Drama
Coffee Drama

Each quad has a base shade, lid shade, crease/definer shade and a highlight shade.

Beginne-friendly instructions.
Beginne-friendly instructions.

It also has easy instructions on the back it you’re a beginner and want to know where to place what what!! I never follow those instructions because as ya’ll know, I’m tjatjaraj like that!


They do come with a useless sponge applicator. Who uses them or am I the only one who thinks that make up companies should stop making them and save the planet. I guess, you could use them to clean up your winged eyeliner if you don’t have a cotton bud on hand.


Coral Drama: This is such a fun quad, neutral-ish with a pop of coral, which I find flattering on all skintones. Yes, it will be touted as a spring/summer quad, but if you have been following me long enough, you know, I don’t think these seasonal palettes are set in stone. Wear what makes you happy, else, what’s the point?


1 Base-Off white

2 Lid- Peach

3 Crease- Mid tone pinky coral that borders on rose gold

4 Definer- Taupe with brown undertones


Coffee Drama

Coffee Drama swatched
Coffee Drama swatched

This is a neutral quad with a golden brown vibe.

1 White

2 Light gold it peachy undertones

3 Taupe

4 Cool-toned chocolate brown with gold reflects.

 Onto the formula.

The eyeshadows are not creamy, they are fairly pigmented while remaining true to colour. There is micro glitter in the eyeshadow so, there is definitely some fallout. I have yet to have coffee with a powder eyeshadow that doesn’t have ANY fallout. If you have indeed met the ‘no-fallout guy’, I need his number because I so badly want to take him out for a drink and discuss his formula.

That said, the eyeshadow applies easily onto the lid and it’s not chalky. It’s lightweight and there is definitely shimmer that’s enough not to be annoying and subtle enough to add a twinkle to your eyes. The shades are beautifully co-ordinated. Applied wet, the shadows are more opaque and the shimmer turns into a metallic sheen, while remaining lightweight.

The one thing I do need in addition to this quad is a transition shade. I have deep set eyes and if I only apply shimmer to my eyes, it makes my deep-set eyes more visible. But all you really need is your bronzer or a single eyeshadow (I prefer to use warm tones) and you’re good to go! I recommend MAC Texture (my ride or die), NYX single eyeshadow in Blame it on Midnight or Wet n Wild’s bronzers in Ticket to Brazil or Bikini Contest.



So why would I review a quad when there are so many large palettes out on the market?

It’s compact and easy to travel with and you have almost all the shades you need to create a solid day or night look. Also, these quads are great for beauties that don’t necessarily want 129,5 eyeshadows and are happy with the basics.


Where to buy: Clicks, Dischem and selected Maybelline counters in department stores.

Price: Ranges from R150 (It’s ssssspensive for the amount of product you get but if it’s all you going to use for eyeshadow on the daily, it’s worth it)

Do you think eyeshadow quads are worth the money or would you rather buy a large palette? What do you think of the shades of the Maybelline Diamond Glow quads? Let me know down below.

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you as much as I love diamonds ,and remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!



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Cover up? No just, Supercover Make up! {Review and Swatches}

Most people have insecurities about their looks. I’m a classic example. I hate my freckles and no matter how many people tell me that they are cute and I should embrace them, I always give them a resounding: “HELL, NO!”


I only wear full coverage foundation. So this review is about a professional make up line and you would not be wrong to think that I am really tripping! The reason is simple; HD make up is now becoming all the range to the everyday consumer and is not reserved exclusively to trained Make up Artists. We all have our photo taken, selfies and sometimes we just like wearing a fuller coverage foundation for a special event or if you’re like me, every day! I love cake face and I’m not ashamed!

Read more


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