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Close, but no Cigar! Maybelline V Shape Duo Contour Stick [Deep and Medium – Review and Swatches]


Cream contouring is not as popular as powder contour. Personally, I understand the struggle.

Contour shades often do not match. Shades are off, especially for women of colour sometimes they are too ashy or too orange. The highlight colours do dark skinned girls like me can be too stark and white and look unnatural and ashy. Women of colour Read more

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Maybelline Diamond Glow quad of drama

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when I saw the glimmer of the Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Studio Quad, my heart skipped a beat. This season purple reigns supreme, with Radiant Orchid being chosen as the Panetone colour of the year. It’s popping up everywhere!

The Purple Drama (01) quad caught my eye. Purples and its cousins like violet and lilac suit every one, but especially those with brown eyes like mine. Ok, my eyes are so dark brown, they look black. But, enough about me.

The dramatic diamond quad.
The dramatic diamond quad.


The lighting in the store when on display didn’t do this quad justice. But once I got home and opened it, I saw the true shimmer of the eye shadows. In the purple drama quad, there is an iridescent pearl white a soft pink, a lilac and a deep violet. The colour combinations are complementary so you can get great looks with just this quad. I would have liked one matte shadow at the very least just to define the crease, but I guess that’s why it’s called the Diamond Glow collection, no mattes allowed!

The shadows are lightweight with a smooth, velvety texture, something I’ve come to expect from Maybelline, who are becoming known more for their other make up products rather than their iconic Great Lengths mascara.

The packaging is basic but the eye shadows are packed in a prism formation and this looks very cool. The picture tutorial on the back of the palette creates a beautiful and colourful spring look and is great for beginners. It also comes with a double-ended sponge applicator.

Swatched, the quad reveals very pretty shimmery shades.
Swatched, the quad reveals very pretty shimmery shades.



While the shadows are shimmery, they are not gritty with chunks of sparkles falling all over. However, I found that there was some fallout, especially with the darkest shade.

A major plus is that they are not chalky. The eye shadows go on smooth and are easily blendable. However, when blending, they sheer out so much that the colour fades away and you’re left with a wash of shimmer with a hint of colour. You have to really pack it on or use a good primer to get a decent colour pay-off.  That said, because they are so sheer, the eye shadows are very wearable for the day. I’d apply the shadows foiled for an evening look.  This palette impressed me for the price of R135 at Clicks.

These eye shadow quads come in Coral Drama (02), Blue Drama (03) Grey Pink Drama (04) and Forest Drama (05).

Get your drama on divas!



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