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MAC Whisper of Guilt . . . . Becca Opal Dud? (Review and Swatches)


Every makeup junkie has heard of the elusive MAC Whisper Of Guilt (WOC).

For years, people have been paying thousands of ZAR to get their hands on it! I missed it when it launched the first time but managed to pick up three other Extra Dimension Skin Finishes from the MAC Magnetic Nudes Collection that was launched in 2012. Last year, when MAC released the

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Bosso Ke Mang #6 (Hydrating Mists) Benefit vs MAC vs Urban Decay!!!!


Hydrating mists . . . unicorn tears, newborn baby’s breath and fairy kisses . . .

They cool the face, refresh makeup, get rid of powder residue after makeup, used before makeup to create a hydrated surface to make makeup application smoother, can set over powdered faces and increase the pigment of makeup, especially eye shadows and pigments. They are marketed as Read more

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Colour Kohl-ded! Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils {Review and Swatches}


When it comes to makeup, there are certain things I don’t mind spending money on. I don’t mind shelling out for face products: foundation, powder, concealer and primers. I gladly wear drugstore anything else. When it comes to mascara, I have one key requirement, it must be easy to remove. With eyeliner, be it pens, pencils, gels, it must be easy to apply and take off. If it tugs at my eyes or irritates them, I don’t care if it’s Princess Jasmine’s Holy Grail, Read more


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